Advanced Observing Program, KPNO Visitor Center

Images of Messier Objects index,
by guest observers and staff, processed and maintained by Adam Block

The Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO) Visitor Center offers a public program for guests (basically everybody) to do quasi-professional astronomical observations, the Advanced Observing Program (AOP). Here you can rent a well-equipped 16-inch telescope for a full night. The images below have been obtained by participants, and processed by Adam Block, who also maintains a collection of more images - or just note his Best of AOP highlights.

Here we give a list of all Messier Object images from the AOP. Also note our list of Advanced Observing Program, KPNO Visitor Center Messier Object images included in our pages.

M1: [caption]

M2: [caption] M3: [caption] M4: [caption] M5: [caption] M6: [caption] M7: [caption] M8: [caption] M10: [caption] M11: [caption] M12: [caption] M13: [caption] M15: [caption] M16: [caption] M17: [caption] M20: [caption] M21: M22: [caption] M24: [caption] M27: [caption] M28: [caption] M31: [caption] M33: [caption] M42: [caption] M43: [caption] M44: [caption] M45: [caption] M46: [caption] M51: [caption] M52: [caption] M53: [caption] M56: [caption] M57: [caption] M58: [caption] M61: [caption] M63: [caption] M64: [caption] M65: [caption] M66: [caption] M74: [caption] M75: [caption] M76: [caption] M77: [caption] M78: [caption] M79: [caption] M80: [caption] M81: [caption] M82: [caption] M83: [caption] M86: [caption] M87: [caption] M88: [caption] M90: [caption] M91: [caption] M92: [caption] M93: [caption] M94: [caption] M95: [caption] M96: [caption] M97: [caption] M98: [caption] M99: [caption] M100: [caption] M101: [caption] M104: [caption] M106: [caption] M107: [caption] M108: [caption] M109: [caption] M110: [caption] Milky Way Center: [caption] Virgo Cluster: [caption]

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Christine Kronberg

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