[M8, Greg Bothun]

A nice color image of the Lagoon Nebula M8 by Greg Bothun of the University of Oregon. The bright Hourglass Nebula and the conspicuous open cluster NGC 6530 are embedded in an extended fainter glow, and many dark dust clouds and globules can be seen throughout the nebula in this image.

  • This image was featured as Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) January 27, 1996
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    [M8, anonymous source]

    Superb color image of M8 form an anonymous source

    [M8, A. Block/AOP]

    The Lagoon Nebula M8 and embedded new-born stars stand out prominently on this gorgeous photograph by Adam Block of the Advanced Observing Program, Kitt Peak Visitor Center. This image was obtained with the 24-inch at f/6.3, exposed 60 minutes on Fuji SG 800 film.

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    Christine Kronberg

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