[M101, Chris & Dawn Schur]

This image of grand-design spiral galaxy M101, the pinwheel Galaxy, was obtained by Chris & Dawn Schur from Payson, Arizona at 5150 ft elevation. They used their 12.5" f/5 Home made Newtonian and SBIG ST7E CCD Camera with Enhanced Cooling, to create this LRGB composite exposed 130:20:20:40.

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    [M101, E. Kreimer] [PNG]

    M101 image by Evered Kreimer

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    [M101, M. Purcell]

    Michael Purcell took this CCD image of grand-design spiral M101 from New Mexico on April 16, 1996 at 23:11 with his 10" Meade SCT and ST-7 CCD camera. It is a 15-minutes exposure.

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    [M101, P. Suetterlin] [PNG]

    This image of the face-on spiral galaxy M101 was taken by amateurs of the Sternfreunde Breisgau e.V. at the Schauinslandsternwarte with their new CCD camera on a Celestron 11.

    Contributed by Peter Suetterlin from the CCD image collection of the `` Sternfreunde Breisgau e.V."

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    [M101, Alan Chen]

    This fine color image of the Pinwheel Galaxy M101 was taken by Alan Chen on March 14, 2002 at the CFAS Star Party. The hardware consisted of the MX7C with the 12"LX200 SCT operating at f/4. It is a composite of 14x5 minutes exposures. The setup was guided by an 80mm refractor using a low lux video camera.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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