Hesiod (c. 740-670 B.C.)

Hesiod from Ascra was a famous poet in ancient Greece, living about 740-670 B.C.

His mentioning of the Pleiades and the Hyades in his work, "Works and Days," of about 720 to 700 B.C., is one of the first known documents related to these two open star clusters in Taurus; only Homer's mentioning in his Ilias is probably a couple of decades older.

Hesiod is commemorated by the naming of Moon Crater Hesiodus (29.4S, 16.3W, 42.0, named 1935), Mercury crater Hesiod (58.5S, 35.0W, 107.0 km, in 1976) as well as asteroid (8550) Hesiodos (discovered August 12, 1994 on La Silla by E.W. Elst, provisionally designated 1994 PV24, as well as 1979 WB6 and 1987 YB4 from pre-discovery sightings).


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