Charles Messier's Academy and Academic Society Memberships

During his career as Astronomer of the Navy, Charles Messier was elected as a member of most European Academies and a number of academic societies:
1764 May 21  Academy of Harlem (Netherlands)
1764 Dec  6  Royal Society, London
1765 Mar  4  Academy of Auxerre
1765 Apr     Institute of Bologne
1769 Apr 26  Royal Academy of Sweden, Stockholm
1769 Sep 14  Royal Academy of Prussia, Berlin
1770 Jun 30  Académie Royale des Sciences (Royal Academy of Sciences), Paris
1772 May 25  Academy of Brussels (Belgium)
1772 Dec 16  Royal Academy of Hungary
1777 Jan  9  Emperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg (Russia)
1780 May 11  Literary Society of Upsala, Sweden
1784         Academy of Sciences of Dublin
1785 Aug  9  Académy de Stanislav, Nancy
1788 Jul 28  Academy of Vergara, Spain
1795 Dec 13  Institut National des Sciences et Arts (Paris)
1796 Jun     Bureau des Longitudes (Paris)
1808         Bavarian Academy of Sciences
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