Top Ten Messier Objects

for the month February 1996

The top-ten are determined approximatively by looking into the SEDS statistics file (which gives the accesses since its about weekly new launch) for the main object page in our Messier database. This is done several times a month to give an approximately good estimation, but this preliminary service does not claim it is not erroneous. I'll probably work out a better tool at some time.

Top ten objects in February 1996:

10 M104
9 M32
8 M13
7 M16
6 M45
4 M57
4 M51
3 M42
2 M1
1 M31
M51 and M57 are so close together that I cannot say which was accessed more frequently.

Most recent Top 10 Messier objects with links to the Top 10 charts for all previous months

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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