Top Ten Messier Objects

for the month January 1997

Look at our most popular Messier object pages ! Here you find the top 10 accessed Messier Object pages; counted are accesses to the main page for each object.

Starting from June 1996, this Top 10 file is generated by a perl script, and therefore has become a bit more acurate. However, as there are probably some accesses missed or counted twice, so that I do not claim this is a really acurate ranking.

The acuracy of the January listing profits from SEDS' success in generating a longer-term logfile, so that probably a higher and more consistent coverage of accesses could be achieved.

Overall, the traffic was going up at the Messier pages: The M31 object page was accessed over 3100 times (more than 100 accesses daily), and even the 10th-rank M17 page had over 1000 accesses. The least accessed Messier object page was that of M93, which had still 126 logged accesses.

Top ten objects in January 1997:

10 M17
9 M33
8 M45
7 M8
6 M27
5 M57
4 M51
3 M42
2 M1
1 M31

Most recent Top 10 Messier objects with links to the Top 10 charts for all previous months

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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Last Modification: 8 Feb 1998