Top Ten Messier Objects

for the month January 1998

Look at our most popular Messier object pages ! Here you find the top 10 accessed Messier Object pages; counted are accesses to the main page for each object.

Starting from June 1996, this Top 10 file is generated by a perl script, and therefore has become a bit more acurate. However, as there are probably some accesses missed or counted twice, so that I do not claim this is a really acurate ranking.

From January 1997, the acuracy of the listings profits from SEDS' success in generating a longer-term logfile, so that generally a higher and more consistent coverage of accesses is achieved.

In January 1998, because of maintainer absence, only the second half of the month was covered by our statistics evaluation. Therefore, we won't give the usual number analysis but only the - tentative - Top 10 sequence, based on the available data:

Top ten objects in January 1998:

10 M27
9 M104
8 M8
7 M33
6 M57
5 M45
4 M51
3 M42
2 M1
1 M31

Most recent Top 10 Messier objects with links to the Top 10 charts for all previous months

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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Last Modification: March 14, 1998