[M54, NOAO]

Globular cluster M54 as photogtaphed with the KPNO 0.9-meter telescope. This is a composite of images taken in July 1998 during the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program, approximately true color. Image size is 11.6 arc minutes. Because of its large distance of almost 90,000 light years, the dense core of M54 is not resolved into stars in this image.
Credit: REU Program/AURA/NOAO/NSF

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    [M54, 2MASS]

    M54 as seen in the infrared light, at a wavelength of two micrometers. This image was taken with the 2MASS telescope on Mt. Hopkins near Tucson, Arizona; field size is 11.4x9.6'. From their "2MASSier Object Gallery" of Messier objects (at IPAC).

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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